Wednesday, May 31, 2017



Hi dear :) 

Today i would like to share with you my eating habit. Basically, i follow this eating habit from Korean show/ movie. If you can noticed, their eating habit are quite healthy. They consume more vege compare protein and carbohydrate food. They have variety of kimchi either in marinated or fresh kimchi. So, i had try to practice this habit with my husband but we didn't eat kimchi. We eat something else but still in vegetable category. 

Basically these food prepared by me for break the fast yesterday. Look not so yummyyy rite. I had cooked spinach with Enoki mushroom fried and roasted chicken. You might asked me, where is the rice? spaghetti or any carbo food? I had mentioned in my previous post about my diet. No  carbo food because i am in diet phase.  

I will show you on how i eat all this thing without rice. 

Firstly, prepared your salad. Any salad can as long as its name is salad. 

put some spinach , enoki and prawn in your salad leaf. 

Lastly, put your roasted chicken on top and ready to eat. Keep repeat this step until you full :P 

Actually, almost one month i had practice this eating habit. At first time, i had tried with sardines, egg boiled and fried chicken. Alhamdulillah, My weight keep on reducing but not in a large amount. Keep pray for me okay :*) 

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