Tuesday, May 30, 2017

OH MY English


Firstly i would like to apology if you found me in using wrong words or wrong statement or grammatical error. Actually i am trying to use English language in my blog for me to learn English and practice more and more and more. I hope you can correct if i am wrong in using this language. Really need your help T_________T

My husband always said that, English is something that you can't learn in one night because you may take the whole of your life. So you need to practice to write, to talk and read some English book. 

i have tried many things in many ways. I read the novels and comics and until now, i can't finish it. So I decided to listen to the music. I turn on the radio, open the youtube channel and listen to the music. Practice on how to pronounce the word correctly, 

Like yesterday, i saw a movie. A kid movie to be exact at the youtube :P I cant remember the title but i kept on followed the subtitle (in English) and spoke every single words.

Why i try so hard in  learning English? 

Because i want to be a housewife that able to talk in English. Even i am graduated from university and had worked before, i found my English is sooooo terrible. I cant talk with people. I just can see my husband talk with other people in English and i cant joined them in that conversation because my English is weak. I cant talk fast because English is not my mother tongue and i just used it during my presentation during my study period.

So i had made a promise with my self. I need to learn English. know how to talk and speak correctly. It's maybe to late but i want it. 

Please pray for me and i hope i can show this blog to my husband and show him all my post written in English! 

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