Thursday, April 28, 2011

crisis n crisis n crisis

xpaham la aku..makin besar makin nak gadoh..tu pun nak gadoh..hailaaa..(aku cilok dr term lec chnesse aku..huhu) betoi la kan..bukan nak muhung..kes terjadi sbb kn gdoh..sbb nye xlain x bukan..umah sewa...perghhh hebat sungguh la penangan umah sewa..p sana, aku dgr cte nieyh,p sini ak dgr cte nieyhh..xp mn2 pun ade jugak cte yg ak dgr..

sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit, apa pula suami isteri  ~cer nyanyi lagu ala-ala P ramlee~

dis song can also er also can (which 1?i doest remembered) rever to friend, even we are friend from *dolu2 and last, there are somthng dat can affect our also had faced the same thing b4.. juz be cool J rite??
We should look from different perspective juz like "slice-dice". Perspective from both parti..and from dat we can analyze, which one is "guility"?.. try to "drill down" in order to make u look the problem detail in detail..
I advice u to turn back and remember what part or any kind of things dad make ur relations become such like dis.. J
Berkawan biar 10oo..berkasih biar 1..bermusuh?let it be zero.. T_T

Try create mutual understanding back with both party,,let bygone be bygone yeah.. and make it as ur experience and don’t ever repeat the same things.

*mood exam..
Term [ public relation] + [information technologies] = simple sentence
Fully ur live with love..creamer and coffee mate J

Forever friend :)

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