Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Liebster Award :D

Assalamualaikum and gud evening oulss :)

Guess what? HAHAHA!

FiFie FeyCa had nominate me as one of her The Liebster Award. Sumpah rasa macam nak nangis kejap *ambik tisu*

 Actually this is my first time for participate in this award and this award become the first award among beribu award yang ada. Rasa macam forever alone kan and syok sendiri bila tak participate mana-mana award dengan harapan ada banyak silent reader yang baca post aku nie. HAHA!

Okey, firstly let me show the rules, so we will know how the process it takes step by step, okeh :D

So, this is how it is work :

  • Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog
  • Answer the question asked
  • Nominated 11 other bloggers with a smaller followers but with a lots of potential
  • Create 11 of your own question for them to answer
  • Notify your nominate
Okeh.. faham dah kot segala rules under this award. okey. allow me to answer the questions given by FiFie FeyCa :)

1. When is your birthday?
   - 14th June, 1991. im still young okeh . haha

2. Where are you from?
  - Alor Setar, Kedah

3. What is your hobby?
  - Reading novels, magazine,motivational books, comics, etc

4. What are you doing just now? Study? Working?
  - two in one :D i am a practical student at legal firm and as a student in islamic banking area in UiTM Shah Alam :)

5. Who is your favourite people in people in your life? Why you like them?
  - Dato Siti, maybe. Because she is the famous one. an entrepreneur. i don like to do the business but since i am the business student, i love to take them as an inspirational on how they manage their career and their family. it is difficult to do unless they have strong supporters especially their family as an important roles. :)

6. List 3 things you hate the most in life.
  - a liar/ hypocrite people
  - dirty places (messy is accepted :P)
  - no money

7. List 3 things in your wishlist
  -  car ( Mini Cooper could be one of :P)
  - mini library in house
  - travel when i reach RM1 million in my saving accounts :D

8. List 3 latest movie you've watch

  - Zombie kilang biskut
  - Frozen
  - Pompeii

9. List any latest book you've read
  - novel "isteri aku 19 tahun" by Cikgadis
  - Aku terima nikahnya by Ust Hasrizal
  - Cerita cinta Ahmad Ammar by GPTD

10. Do you watch Running Man? Who you like the most?Why?
  - yezzaa and of course laa i choose Kwangsoo. haha he is toooo naive and happy go lucky person. HAHA plus he is cute tooooo :D

11. What you like to share in your blog the most?
   - Bout ma self, general info. novel review.. cooking or anything :D

12. What do you think about my blog FiFieFeyCa? What should i do to improve it. Any ideas/ suggestion 
  - Hmm hmm actually i also didnt have the idea on how to improve. it depends on how u advertise ur blog to public, ur writting skills, network among ppl especially ur readers, ur story line either it is interesting or not. u may visit Blog Ben Ashaari as my last visit on his blog is regarding how to increase the visitor rate even though he only write about his life :D btw u have nice blog,, cute than mine :) so good luck dear :D

yeaahhh. done answering all the question. HAHA! sangat mencabar minda ai nie ha.. then , ai move to another step which ai will nominate the 11 bloggers :)

the nominates :D

10. Nadrah

 done tagging :) XOXO susah kemain nak mencari. ok. nie soalan yang bakal ai tanya untuk korang pulak :) j

1. Birthday korang bila?
2. Status korang sekarang nie? Single, Engaged or what
3. Hobi korang apa? List kan aje :)
4. Wish list korang?
5. Azam tahun baru yang tak pernah tercapai? Hahaha 
6. Artis yang korang paling minat?
7. Sesuatu yang orang lain tak tahu pasal korang
8. Ciri-ciri pasangan idaman? :D
9. Teman kahwin korang nanti nak colour ape? HAHA
10. Tempat yang korang nak sangat-sangat pergi
11. Komen ikhlas pasal blog ai :D

P/S: it is not necessary to answer all my question . okeh dear. function award neh just nak merapatkan relationship dalam kalangan blogger saje :D For those yang nak jawab, happy answering :D haha 


fifie feyca said...

Thank u dear... That was osem... Nanti kita sharing is caring lagi tau.. Do keep in touch kayh...

Nadiya said...

dont mention :) insya allah.. both of us will keep in touch :D

Sara Zawawi said...

thank u for the tag :) heee
sara akan cuba jwb secepat mungkin.hiiii

Sara Zawawi said...

nadia!hihi.kite da siap jwb.sudi2 jenguk eyh :D

n kita singgah follow nadia.heee

Nadiya said...

sara- tenkiuu.. nnt nadia jenguk ape yg sara tulis. haha

fifie feyca said...

tagged.. check sini